6 d’octubre de 2008


Ahora más que nunca es cuando hay que tener
mucha paciencia...y no quedarse de manos cruzadas.

Esto va a pegar un peo


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silvano ha dit...

You have a terrific blog here ; tons of incredible stuff , but I especially LOVE you "Dark Jesus" and "Invasòn" pieces ...
PS - my apologies for nor speaking any Spanish ...

MANDRA ha dit...

Oh my good!! Thank you sooo much for your comment Silvano!! Thanks!!!
I have not been able to reply before because I have been to the Film Festival SITGES, sorry.
Your blog and your drawings are brilliant, I LOVE your style!
I hope to maintain contact with you.
Thanks for passing, and leave me a comment!

I too would like legend of the seven golden vampires and Plan 9!

P.D: Excuse my English is very bad! jejeje
A hug

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